The top 7 style tips for legging & jeggings wearers.

The top 7 style tips for legging & jeggings wearers.

Regardless of how you feel about leggings, I'm sure there is a combination that will work for you Underneath, we gathered together the rules and regulations of wearing leggings this year. Comment below if any of these tips are useful to you.   

  1. Feel comfortable and look cute. Pair your leggings with sneakers and your favorite graphic tee.Thank us later.

  2. Get away with wearing you mini dress to work. Pair your mini dress with a solid colored legging.

  3.  You can get more wear out of your mini skirts too. This is also perfect for leggings that may be more see through than you would like

  4. Hilo dresses that are longer in the back than the front is another great option for leggings.

  5. Pair your patterned leggings with basic shirts like white, black or another solid color.  www.thequeenmelanin has lots of patterned leggings options.    :)              

  6. Through on a denim jacket with accents and sunglasses for an instant touch of glam.

  7. Dress up your leggings with a necklace and your boyfriend's blazer. :)

  8. Keep it young and fun by pairing yours with on-trend finds like a crop top and bomber jacket.

What is your favorite way to wear Jeggings & leggings on this list? Let us know in the comments below! 


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