3 Fashion Trends You Need to Know in Summer 2017

From the four biggest fashion weeks around the globe, the New York Fashion Week is without a doubt the most followed and covered by the media. The Summer 2017’s show of the New York Fashion week featured collections of notorious designers and made way for new fashion trends that fashionistas need to be aware of. So, without further ado, to educate our readers of the fashion trends you need to know for Summer 2017, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “3 Fashion Trends You Need to Know in Summer 2017”.

Bold Strips: Bold strips were seen in plenty during the New York Fashion Week Summer 2017 collection. They were bright, they were textured, and they were brilliant. They featured in all colors including the graphic primary colors on shirts and T-shirts of various beautiful designs.

Laces: Laces were part of another fashion trend that featured in the New York Fashion week. Not only for the sneakers, laces were featured in a number of creative and elaborate ways, incorporated in suede dresses and even shirtdresses. This fashion trend is all set to make waves this spring.

The Hoodie: Inclusion of hoodies in the spring collection might come as a surprise to many people but designers did think it through. Models including Gigi Hadid were featured wearing only hoodies and lingerie underneath. The bold and sexy look that this fashion trend produced was one of its kind and is all set to get the approval of all fashionistas very soon!


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